“A language all his own forever to be known as “Carsonism”

Fine Art Magazine – New York City, USA – Winter 2012/2013


Master Charles Carson – 35 Years of Creativity.A language all his own forever to be known as “Carsonism”Victor Forbes“As Hemingway developed a new style of writing that is oft-imitated, never attained, Carson has created a new way of painting that takes a similar heightened position in the mainstream of contemporary art, a form that is universally accessible but impossible to be duplicated by another. A language all his own forever to be known as “Carsonism.”Victor Forbes is Editor-in – Chief and co-founder of Fine Art Magazine, published continuously from New York since 1975 — à New York City, USAPublication: http://issuu.com/carsonisme/docs/fine_art_magazine_featuring_master_carson

Fine Art Magazine – Fall 2009 – USA

Fine Art Magazine – Fall 2009 – USA

This is “Carsonism…”

Victor Forbes

“Christian Sorriano, Fine Art and Antiquities expert from Paris and President of Drouot Cotation, “Art holds no more secrets or mysteries for a matured expert like myself. … Far from common trends and cheap visual effects, Charles Carson shows each and every unique feature of his great poetic skills, offering in his work a breath of life, his own life, therefore questioning and delighting the minds and the trained eyes of the connoisseurs who hang it on the walls of their daily lives.”

Over many years, said Fine Art publisher Jamie Ellin Forbes, “We’ve had the privilege of meeting so many artists. Some have risen to great acclaim and importance while others have fallen to the wayside. Each brings his or her own need to communicate their own dreamscape to the viewer and if you talk about this either in print or in person, you never know who you are going to be inspiring, what window you are going to open in their souls to communicate to the next level. The artist does this and such work is very important in all cultures. During this period of time, when people redefine values, they will find it much more so. Artists will become more important than they have been in the last ten or fifteen years outside of certain collectible concerns. Charles Carson’s paintings have a unique language. They are dreamscapes that invite you into the space, which makes you a part of the process of whatever the moment is that the artist is describing. It’s not a snap shot. You are invited into the imagination of the process and somewhere there’s been an instigation or an inspiration involving the colors, the mystique. The line is defined through the paintings with the application of the form married through the colors defining the lines. The painting itself—the composition—therefore becomes very free, very available for people to enter into.”

Fine Art Magazine – Spring 2009 – USA – Page couverture – Charles Carson – Heroes of creativity

Fine Art Magazine – Spring 2009 – USA

Charles Carson « Heroes of creativity »  CARSON TO THE ISM

By Jamie Ellin Forbes & Victor Bennett Forbes

«Charles Carson, as the innovator of his new pictorial language as motif is credited as father and founder of the art movement entitled “Carsonism.” He is a nature lover and environmentalist who reflects and incorporates his ingenious view, as affirmed universal metaphor, in his personal lens of vision. The artist demonstrates Nature, as filtered through his imagination, deploying a creative extrapolation of evocative image. His works, being widely collected, attest to their appeal. Carson’s auction record at esteemed houses suggest that. He shares his passion on canvas to inspire others to see what he has found in expressing the creative beauty abundantly surrounding all.»

REVUE ARTnews 2003

  PARUTION ARTnews, december 2003 Charles Carson référence page 52 LIVING IN ART VOLUME 102/NUMBER 11 CANADIAN ART Charles Carson, Gold Medalist at the Salon International des Beaux-Arts de Montréal WWW.CHARLESCARSON.COM   CARSONISM AT RICHELIEU GALLERY CHARLES CARSON Prominent international artist Tél: (514) 381-2247 Fax: (514) 381-0025 info@charlescarson.com 7903 St-Denis, Montréal, Qc. Canada H2R 2G2   PARUTION ARTnews, december 2003 LIVING IN ART VOLUME 102/NUMBER 11 CHARLES CARSON MOSAIC STYLE AT MAJELLART GALLERY info@majellart.com WWW.MAJELLART.COM